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Unity Finance has an extensive array of finance products to help tailor a package to suit your specific individual or corporate needs. Here are just some of the options and features we can provide.


Asset finance

As technology and equipment become more sophisticated, there is a growing need for credit advisers who can match the transaction type and economic life of the asset with its optimal financing solution. From simply buying a car to installing hi-tech or clean energy assets, we provide effective "on" or "off balance sheet" asset financing solutions.   


Bridging and short term loans

Sometimes borrowers are “caught short” with insufficient funds of their own to finance the costs involved in both selling and buying properties at the same time (i.e. usually between 6-12 months). This is where we can help with bridging finance over both the home for sale and the home you are buying, or short term loans when investment or commercial properties are involved.


Business loans

Securing a business loan isn’t necessarily difficult but knowing how to navigate your way can be the difference between success and failure. Unity Finance will find and compare credit options based on the amount of money you need to borrow, how you want it supplied and the type of security you want to provide (residential, non-residential or none at all).

Cash flow loans for small businesses

There may be times when your business is trading well but you are stuck for cash flow because you are waiting on debtors with other opportunities knocking on your door. Common uses for cash flow loans include; bridging receivables gaps, purchasing inventory, building a new website, hiring more staff, renovating or expanding premises, purchasing equipment or paying ATO tax portal debt. Parameters will apply, but we can access unsecured cash flow loans up to $250,000 for small businesses.


Commercial property loans

Loans for commercial property can be straight-forward or more complex, depending on the funding purpose and security type. We provide a wide choice of commercial property finance options from borrowing for your owner occupied premises to large structured debt transactions up to $500m in loan size.


Construction loans

A construction loan is for buying land, building or renovating your home, a 12-month construction loan can be the best way to go. Usually, up to 90 per cent of the property value can be borrowed.


Development loans

A development loan is for buying land, land subdivisions, building multiple dwellings or apartment blocks and renovating commercial buildings. A 3 year loan term may be required and there are a range of different gearing levels available based on “as is” land value, DA land value, total development cost, gross realisable value and value “in-1-line”.


Equity release

This loan type allows you to convert a portion of your residential or commercial property ‘asset’ into cash or an income stream while still allowing you to continue to live in your home or keep your commercial premises.


Fixed & variable rate combination and split loan mortgages

Lenders are just as keen for you to minimize interest rate risks as you are, so some lenders offer discounted rates when you take a 50/50 combination of fixed & variable rates. If rates do fall, the interest will go down on the variable part of your loan, but you aren’t taking as big a risk should rates rise. Similarly, you might want several “splits” in your loan statements to match the different purposes of the loan.


Fixed-rate mortgages

With a fixed-rate loan, you know exactly how much you’ll pay per fortnight or month for the fixed period of the loan (usually one to five years but can be up to ten years). There are some important caveats with fixed-rate loans to do with penalties for paying more principal than allowed under the loan terms – we can quantify the penalties for you and help avoid these pitfalls.


Interest-only mortgages

With interest-only, you are paying just the interest on the loan – you are not paying off any of the original principal. In mid-2015 APRA introduced new capital adequacy rules for banks which caused some investor or interest-only loans to be more expensive than the P&I loan option. 


Land loan

A land loan lets you buy a block of land without the pressure to build on it as soon as possible. Residential land loans are usually variable interest for up to 30 years.


Lo Doc Loans

Navigating the rates, fees, terms, conditions and information requirements for lo doc loans can be time consuming and confusing – that’s where we can help you achieve a quick and competitive lo doc outcome for both residential and commercial situations.


Non-PAYG loans

For self-employed people, a home loan can still be arranged using differing supporting documentation that shows your ability to service a loan and might include BAS and bank statements. You self-certify your income, which will need verification. You may be able to borrow up to 80 per cent of the property’s value.


Offset facility

If you have a variable-rate loan and experience intermittent additional cash flows, where you may need to spend that cash again in the medium to short term, an offset facility will allow you to link your cash savings account to your loan account. You won’t pay loan interest on the loan amount covered by your linked cash savings account balance. You can access your cash savings account as normal.


Principal and interest mortgages

In this mortgage, you are paying the amount lent to you plus the interest. Commonly referred to as P&I loans.



Some fixed-rate loans give you the option of “locking in” your fixed rate up to 90 days in advance of loan settlement. There is a fee for this service, usually less than $400, but it can be money well spent if market fixed-rates happen to rise while you are waiting for your loan to settle.


Repay & Redraw facility

If you have a variable-rate loan and you make extra repayments, then you can withdraw that additional money when you need to (you can’t do this on fixed-rate loans). Some repay & redraw facilities have internet & EFTPOS access providing great flexibility.


SMSF loans

You might be a professional investor or you have obtained independent financial advice around buying a residential or commercial property in a Self-Managed Superannuation structure – we are accredited to provide specialist credit advice on SMSF loans. 


Solar Mortgage

A Solar Mortgage finances both your home and your rooftop solar PV. It’s different because it also provides a grant (i.e. unrelated to government REC’s) that helps upsize the system, so you can enjoy increased energy savings for little or no extra cost. If you live in a unit, you can use a Solar Mortgage to help invest in your local community solar PV project and enjoy the returns.


Variable rate mortgages

Repayments can change during the life of a variable-rate loan, so you may pay more or less as interest rates rise or fall. If you’re fairly sure that rates are set to fall, this is a good option.

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