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Builders who help you save on home energy costs - March 2017

Builders who deliver a comfortable, affordable & energy efficient home are surprisingly hard to find.


The summer of 2016/17 saw some “sticky” awakenings for new home owners in Australia. Many have been uncomfortably hot, or are now receiving some uncomfortably high electricity bills due to their over-use of “air-conditioning”.

Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of homes are being built every year that do not even come close to fully considering how to better manage their own temperatures and avoid the added expense from over-use of energy on heating or cooling. This is no surprise to many home builders who know that Australian homes are poor performers on energy efficiency and lag well behind developed world standards.

Consequently, domestic construction methods in Australia remain trapped in a time when energy was cheap and domestic energy efficiency was an after-thought. So, what are builders doing to ensure you continue to save on home energy costs.., even after you’ve moved in?


“Green Homes Australia was founded in response to a lack of practical solutions available for one of the biggest problems faced by all households: in-home energy-use & the huge bills that can come with it”.

While a new home that is comfortable, affordable and energy efficient is still surprisingly hard to find in the Australian market, Green Homes Australia and Unity Finance are making it a rewarding experience for clients who choose best practice in home energy efficiency.


Green Homes Australia (GHA) and Unity Finance will be at the Sydney HIA Home Show Darling Harbour from Friday 24th to Sunday 26th March 2017 to offer the following incentives and rewards for qualifying clients who choose best practice in new home energy efficiency;

  • Being ISO:50001 certified for energy management, GHA design your home to suit the climate, block, lifestyle and budget.
  • GHA construct the correctly designed home with attention to key areas where homes gain and lose energy.
  • GHA clients find they can construct an energy efficient home for little to no extra cost, using largely standard materials, and still have a home that performs at an extremely elite level compared to the average Australian home.
  • Unity Finance delivers discounted loan interest rates and cash rewards for qualifying borrowers who build their new home with an ISO:50001 certified builder.


About the Sydney HIA Home Show

  • More than 200 of Australia’s premier suppliers and builders all under the one roof.
  • Lots of ideas and free expert advice for your home project.
  • Located in Sydney’s brand new International Convention Centre, Darling Harbour.
  • Free entry from Friday 24th to Sunday 26th March.
  • See Green Homes Australia & Unity Finance at stand G08 and be rewarded for choosing a new home built to best practices in energy efficiency.
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